Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Back!

Yeah. This is moi. Thinking about why I'm reviving this blog.

Apparently, I'm crazy or I've lost my mind!

Either that or I've somehow, for some reason, decided I have too much time on my hands. (Which I do and I don't, but that's not the point.)  Regardless and for whatever reasons, I've decided I might as well use some of my extra time to blog... to blog more, that is. To blog more than I already blog. Make that to write more than I already write and, trust me, I write plenty and often.

I'm not sure if this decision is a well-thought-out decision or not.  I think I simply sat down at my computer today and impulsively decided to revive this blog. Or, maybe it's a decision I've been considering, but considering only in my subconscious? You know, like unconscious deliberations. Whatever or however, here I am, back authoring the "I, Shootist" blog, for better or worse.

By the way, I didn't name this blog with the word, "shootist" in the title because it kind of sounds like "strobist."  I'd love for this blog to become as popular as David Hobby's "Strobist" blog but I'm not holding my breath. But let's say, hypothetically, something like that somehow happened. It wouldn't be because "shootist" and "strobist" are words that look and sound similar. It would be because this blog resonates and appeals to lots of photographers. Technically, I suppose, my potential audience is larger than Hobby's. Not every photographer is a strobe-using photographer, i.e., a strobist, but every photographer shoots a camera and, therefore, is a shootist.

One thing that is definitely motivating me to revive this "I, Shootist" blog is my desire to write about more stuff, i.e., a greater variety of photography stuff, than I routinely blog about on my other photography blog.

If you aren't aware of it, I've been authoring my other blog, my NSFW blog,  since mid-2006. During that time, I've updated it with nearly 1,000 posts. This blog, on the other hand, has been dormant since March of 2009. When I was updating this one, I only did so for a bit less than a year and only with about 40 updates. Not very impressive, I'll admit.  My other blog (as you may or may not know) is dedicated to a specific genre of photography-- glamour photography. It's a genre that isn't for everyone and, if truth be known, my interests in photography go way beyond the realms of glamour and tease photography. Often enough, the spirit moves me to write about other aspects of photography, aspects my glamour blog just isn't the right or appropriate venue to do so.

For those who regularly read my glamour blog, none of this means my interests in that blog, or it's focus, is diminished. It's not. I'm still a pretty girl shooter and I'll likely always be one. But let's say I want to write about something quite apart from glamour shooting. Let's say I want to write about photographing children.  Obviously, my other blog isn't an appropriate place to do that. This blog, however, with its "soft focus" and SFW (Safe For Work) content, is just the place to do so.  So, that's what I'm doing. I'm reviving a blog that allows me to write about nearly anything I want to write about in terms of photography. In other words, this blog is not genre specific, and that leaves it wide open in terms of what I might update it with. Makes sense, right?

I'll try my best to make this blog entertaining as well as informative. I don't know why, but I'm the kind of guy who enjoys being something of a mentor to others. I've always been that way. My glamour blog has afforded me the opportunity to be a pretty girl shooting mentor of sorts. At least that's what quite a few people have written and told me. This blog will give me another place to share even more about photography, and in ways that my other blog simply does not provide due to its much narrower and "adult" subject matter.

Wish me luck. I'll probably need it.

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Steve said...

Well I'll be reading your blog James. That's one pair of eyeballs.