Thursday, October 30, 2008

Making a Movie with a Canon 5D MKII

"Me and My Human," by Vincent Laforet/NY Times

I just viewed uber-photographer, Vincent Laforet's, short video, "Reverie," shot with a Canon 5D MkII. Obviously, a lot of skill and know-how was thrown at this video, from pre-production to production to post. But it's still amazing that this was shot with a small format DSLR. And even more amazing that the whole process, from conception to final cut, took place over 72 hours.

Here's a link to Laforet speaking about the video with PDN's correspondent, David Havlik.

Here's a link to Laforet's blog where you can see the video. After viewing, you might want to click on the behind-the-scenes link and take a look at that.

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Lin said...

Impressive for such a small camera, but it suffers from rolling shutter problems which are typical with CMOS sensors, although the use of image stabilizers did help. It's no substitute for a proper video camera though :-)